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Oxana Certified Yoga and Hot Pilates Teacher

I found peace within myself and the strength I never knew existed.

We tend to live our lifes day by day not realizing that each breath we take brings us closer to the end. Yoga has not only taught me how to breathe, but has open my eyes to see the life I was missing.

Seven years of yoga practice is revealing a blossoming character. I found peace within myself and the strength I never knew existed. I have reached a state of mind where no one can steal my peace. I truly feel my potential is unlimited and I am finally living.

On my quest to self-realization, it has become clear for me to be complete, I need to guide others in finding their unique path. Nothing could give me greater joy than watching the students go through the transformation of their mind and bodies.

My passion is to practice; my compassion is to teach. I completed nine weeks of teacher training in the fall 2013. I can't wait to see you in the studio and share the gift of yoga. Yoga will help to find the way to health, peace, happiness and love, where you'll discover the world with endless possibilities. Give it a try and see you on the mat!




Plenty of classes throughout the week, so you're sure to find one at a time that fits into your busy day.

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