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Kellie Certified Teacher

My name is Kellie! Yoga is a place to get quiet, be still and listen within, so that ultimately we can hear our hearts longing and connect to ourselves and then others. Yoga teaches compassion and unconditional love. This is why I practice and this is why I teach. To share the wealth on a planet in need. I have been teaching Bikram since 2005. And recently, I started teaching Rocket. I found Rocket leaves students feeling liberated, free and owning their own practice. Its very rewarding. Rocket has a beautiful uplifting energetic vibration that translates through the asanas and the sequence. I love yoga! I love learning, growing and evolving by practicing and teaching! Larry Schultz says, " You think you are doing yoga, but yoga is doing you!" I teach with compassion and soul, spiced up with humor, joy and one thick bad ass Minnesota accent! Come play, explore, express and have fun!!



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