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Kathy Certified teacher

Be patient with yourself and your practice, the possibilities are limitless!

I did my first Bikram Yoga class in 2003. It wasn't exactly love at first try, but I was intrigued at everyone's focus and determination so I kept coming back. In 2005 I decided to sink my teeth into it with a 90 day challenge. I discovered things about myself I never knew existed; self confidence, power of concentration, balance, strength, patience and determination. All of these things I practised in the hot room translated into every aspect of my daily life. It is a true mind, body and soul connection. The icing on my cake was the migraines I used to suffer with on a monthly basis diminished to only a few a year. I believe that if you give yourself the gift of your absolute best effort in each 90 minute class, the possibilities are limitless. I completed my teacher training in Los Angeles in fall of 2012. A new chapter to my yoga journey has begun...I can't wait to see you all in the hot room! Namaste



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