Yoga etiquette


The following points are in consideration of the studio and your fellow students.

  • Please come 10-15 minutes early. Late students will not be admitted to class.
  • Remove all outside footwear.
  • Absolutely no talking in the yoga room. This is so you can relax before and after class, free of distraction.
  • No talking on cell phones in the lobby, and please leave cell phones on silent.
  • Please refrain from wearing any perfume or scented products.
  • If you smoke, please shower before class.
  • Place your mat in the middle of one of the three lines in the yoga room and match the top left corner of your mat with the black triangle on the floor. This helps prevent you from blocking anyone's view so everyone to be able to see themselves in the mirror.
  • Wait until the instructor has left the room before you leave.
  • When leaving the room, exit quietly out the back door and be conscious of those staying behind to relax in silence after class.
  • Leave all belongings in the change-rooms. If you are concerned about any valuables such as cell phone, keys, or wallet, we can store them for you behind the front desk.
  • While you are waiting in the lobby for the next class please use 'inside voices' to avoid disrupting the current class in session.
  • If you leave puddles behind after class, please ask for an additional towel to soak them up, or feel free to grab a mop.

As a new student, there may seem to be lots of 'rules' to follow. Please know that these are for the benefit of everyone. You will come to appreciate them as you develop in your practice. See you in the room!


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